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North Carolina immigrants might need paper forms

Recent notices have been published that announce upcoming changes for those in North Carolina and elsewhere with regard to the electronic system that has previously been available to those filing certain immigration forms. The changes involve a discontinuation of the electronic system, necessitating the use of paper forms. Several types of forms commonly used by immigrants are to be included in the dissolution of the digital filing system.

Those who plan to file immigration-related forms, such as work travel documents, applications for employment authorization or temporary protected status will want to make certain that, if using the electronic system, they have begun their new forms by Aug. 30, 2015. Sept. 20, 2015 is the final date that an electronic form may be completed; otherwise, an immigrant filing such a document will need to do so in paper form thereafter. In circumstances where a person's case is pending, and he or she has used the electronic filing system, USCIS will ensure that the case is completed even if it goes beyond the final filing date.

An online website has published a list of all forms scheduled to be included in the discontinuation of electronic filings. In the near future, a new system, known as the "Electronic Immigration System," will be available in order to provide secure and easy updates to immigration applications and cases. The forms being deleted from the e-filing system are slated to be added to the new system at some point in the future.

Immigrants in need of assistance when determining how to file a needed application or form typically benefit from seeking the advice of a legal professional who has experience in immigration and naturalization law. An experienced attorney would be able to answer questions and address any concerns regarding a variety of documents and forms. North Carolina immigrants will want to ensure their understanding of state and federal laws and regulations as they prepare to file any applications related to travel, residency, employment or other immigration matter.

Source:, "USCIS Discontinues Legacy e-Filing System", Accessed on Aug. 24, 2015

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