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North Carolina debates immigrant identification issue

A heated debate has arisen among both political parties and the general public in North Carolina concerning an immigration-related issue. Whether an undocumented immigrant should be allowed to obtain and carry a municipal identification card is the matter being discussed. While some have voiced their staunch support of the proposed idea, others have contested it, saying it would be a danger to society.

Several cities throughout the nation approved municipal ID cards for undocumented immigrants in their areas. The cards allow a person to report a crime and also acts as proof of identification because each card contains a photograph of the card carrier. Certain public services, such as traveling by public transportation are able to be accessed using the municipal ID cars, as well.

New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco are among the cities that have implemented the newly proposed identification system for undocumented persons. Those who oppose the idea state that providing identification cards to people without legitimate documentation enables them to violate federal laws and could be a danger to citizens. Supporters have adamantly stated that the cards do nothing more than allow people to prove that they are who they say they are.

North Carolina has not yet decided whether it will adopt a municipal identification card system for undocumented persons residing in the state. Any immigrant who has questions about the current status of the proposed system can receive an update and clarification of the issue by contacting a legal professional in the area. An immigration and naturalization lawyer can offer advice and support to those individuals who are facing complex or complicated circumstances regarding their legal statuses.

Source:, "Immigration Reform 2015: Charlotte Undocumented Immigrants ID Card System Urged For North Carolina City", Julia Glum, Aug. 21. 2015

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