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Krasinski and McConaughey celebrate U.S. citizenship of wives

Fans in North Carolina and across the nation shared in the recent joy of two television and movie stars whose wives took legal oaths in a United States courthouse. Both women obtained U.S. citizenship as their families gathered round in support of their achievements. Online social networks were abuzz with congratulatory messages in honor of the occasion.

Popular television star John Krasinski and actor/producer Matthew McConaughey were the two proud husbands who stood by their wives as they took their recent oaths to secure their places as citizens in the United States. The McConaughey children, ages 7, 5 and 2, were also present for their mother's milestone event. Camila Alves, McConaughey's wife, stated that she was ecstatic to be holding her new passport and that she has tremendous respect for the United States and is happy to be a citizen.

Alves's husband sent her a public note of congratulations on Twitter. Emily Blunt, also an actress and Krasinski's wife, hales from Great Britain and was reported to have stated that she does not plan on moving back to her native land. She, her husband and infant daughter reside in California at this time.

The recent ceremony was held in a federal courthouse on the West Coast. Many immigrants, in North Carolina and elsewhere, choose to take similar steps to legitimize their statuses and apply for U.S. citizenship. Navigating the legal system, however, can sometimes be difficult and confusing. In such circumstances, it might prove beneficial to discuss the matter with an immigration and naturalization attorney in the area. An experienced legal professional would be able to address any questions or concerns one might have with regard to the process of attaining citizenship, as well as how to go about filing an application.

Source:, "John Krasinski's Wife Emily Blunt Receives US Citizenship w/ Matthew McConaughey's Wife!", Stephanie Cieplinski, Aug. 18, 2015

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