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Job-related accident takes life of North Carolina lineman

Certain jobs in North Carolina pose a higher personal risk to workers than others. It would be logical to assume that those who work with electricity are among those who face potential hazards daily on the job. It is always tragic when a job-related accident results in the loss of life, as in the recent tragedy involving an electrical lineman.

An online photograph and message showed a large group of power line workers gathered in prayer around the body of their deceased colleague. He was killed in an accident on a recent Thursday in Spring Lake. Reports indicate that the worker became exposed to a power line that was surging with approximately 7,200 volts of electricity. His identity has not been released to the public. The man was assisting in the relocation of a power line as part of a North Carolina Department of Transportation project.

As is common in the aftermath of a fatal work accident, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched an investigation into the incident. Part of the reason that OSHA investigates an accident where a worker has been killed is to ensure that the employee had been properly trained for his or her work duties. As part of standard procedure, they also seek to obtain evidence that shows that no safety regulations were violated. 

When a job-related accident in North Carolina results in the death of a worker, his or her immediate family members are typically entitled to receive workers' compensation death benefits. Depending upon the circumstances of an individual case, such situations can be quite complex and difficult for a grieving family to navigate. Therefore, it might prove beneficial for anyone facing similar circumstances to seek consultation with a legal professional who has experience in workers' compensation cases.

Source:, "Power line worker killed in Spring Lake", July 23, 2015

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