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Facing a removal notice in North Carolina?

Undocumented immigrants in the United States often face situations that make them feel vulnerable and helpless. Being served with a removal notice is one such circumstance that can be very stressful for you as you have been threatened with deportation and could face being separated from your family. It might be of comfort to know that there is help available from those who can guide you through the process of determining what options might exist in order for you to avoid removal from North Carolina and the United States.

The Quinn Law Firm provides support and service to clients facing difficult immigrant issues. Attorney Nancy Quinn is an experienced immigration and naturalization lawyer who is dedicated to helping clients prepare an effective defense as they deal with legal matters that threaten their residence in the United States. She will launch a thorough investigation, including a careful review of all old paperwork that might prove beneficial as supporting evidence in your case.

Whether the alleged grounds for removal involve the falsification of documents, marriage fraud, felony crime or violation of the terms of a visa or green card, you may still be able to avoid deportation and move forward in the lifestyle that you have worked so hard to build. You might also be able to ensure your ability to return to the United States, should you have to leave under voluntary removal proceedings. Nancy Quinn can help you explore these issues and determine how best to proceed in your case.

Those in North Carolina who fear deportation or have been served with a removal notice need not lose hope or worry that they have no chance of avoiding the removal. Options might, indeed, be available to allow you to remain with your family and continue working and contributing to your community in the United States. A first logical step to take under such circumstances might be to schedule a free consultation with an experienced legal professional at The Quinn Law Firm.

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