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Undocumented immigrants tour will visit North Carolina

It has been noted that many persons residing in the United States without sufficient legal statuses tend to live in fear and become anxious at the thought of being discovered and potentially deported back to their native lands. Some undocumented immigrants, however, have chosen not only not to live in fear, but to speak out publicly about their experiences and life journeys. A group of people connected by similar circumstances started a tour across the nation in 2013 and have made plans to do it again this year, stopping in various locales, including North Carolina.

One 20-year-old man, who was brought across the border with his mother and sister when he was a toddler, began telling his story in high school and says that he is looking forward to joining the traveling group for the 2015 Dream Riders Across America Tour. The man was able to avoid deportation through the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals program. He said that he discovered that there is power in the words of his story, and he and the other participants hope that the tour will inspire more undocumented immigrants to come forward and tell their stories.

It has been said that some are hesitant to reveal their statuses. Because some of the locations chosen as tour stops are known to be battlegrounds regarding topics of immigration, one tour organizer likened the experience to walking into the eye of the storm. She claims that, though those touring understand that they will meet anti-undocumented immigrant backlash along the way, she and the rest of the group will do their best to ensure each participant's safety and well-being as they travel from place to place.

Those involved in campaigns like the Dream Riders Across America Tour hope to raise public awareness and offer support to undocumented immigrants in North Carolina and throughout the United States. Sometimes, the circumstances of one's status can lead to stressful and complicated situations. Depending on the details of one's individual case, it might be prudent to discuss questions or concerns with a legal professional who has experience in immigration and naturalization law.

Source: NBC News, "'Eye of the Storm': Undocumented Dreamers Head to Battleground States", Emil Guillermo, July 28, 2015

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