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Those involved in family immigration sometimes turn to a church

A city far west of North Carolina is an ever-expanding center for population growth. Family immigration is a leading source of the population increase. Many have traveled through life-threatening conditions, deserts and the turbulent waters of an immense river in order to cross the borders into the United States. Many of these families find themselves needing help in order to provide even the most basic supplies and provisions to their families.

One woman's husband is said to have crossed the desert with the help of human guides, referred to as, "coyotes." Sadly, the guides allegedly turned out to be smugglers, and the husband claims that their so-called shelters were really places of rape and torture. After surviving such treacherous conditions, some families enter the United States only to discover that they have no where to go and no basic provisions to care for their families.

In light of such dire circumstances, some immigrant families turn to the Catholic church upon arrival in the United States. The church has attempted to accommodate the rising immigrant population by building new schools and churches. The efforts of the community churches are said to have helped many who come across the borders with no means for basic survival supplies, such as food and shelter.

One family interviewed said that all that is important is for their family to be together and to be safe. A community, faith-based charity organization arranged for acculturation sessions to be offered to teach immigrants how to speak English and address issues concerning a driver's license and finances. Legal professionals are available to help those involved in family immigration situations in North Carolina.

Source:, "Affirming faith in a new home", Julia Terruso, June 28, 2015

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