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Public awareness campaign launched for immigrants

An awareness group working in conjunction with the Task Force on New Americans recently launched a campaign initiative to raise public awareness about U.S. citizenship and the privileges, responsibilities and rights that go along with it. Undocumented immigrants in North Carolina and elsewhere who aspire toward  legalization of their statuses and citizenship might be interested in the promotional materials and resources provided by the campaign to guide them in their journeys. The campaign suggested that those with questions or concerns regarding an adjustment of status might want to visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services resource center to obtain reliable information about naturalization topics.

The USCIS agency has stated that it offers assistance to those eligible to apply for citizenship. Those who wish to take appropriate steps toward attaining citizenship can obtain free preparation materials from USCIS. The goal of the campaign is to demystify the process of becoming a U.S. citizen, as well as to educate lawful permanent residents in order that they can protect themselves from misuses of immigration law.

Audio, video, digital and printed campaign messages have been published in various languages, including English, Spanish and and Chinese. Posters were displayed in common areas such as waiting rooms, community centers and classrooms. The campaign is slated to continue for an entire year.

Immigrants in North Carolina who wish to apply to become U.S. citizens sometimes face complex issues that can be confusing without the guidance of someone who has a clear understanding of immigration and naturalization law. One option for those facing similar circumstances might be to contact a legal professional in the area in order to seek answers to questions and gain clarification of the issues. Some say that applying for U.S. citizenship is the highest privilege of the nation's immigration system. An experienced immigration lawyer would be prepared to help guide someone through the system as he or she begins the process of application.

Source:, "USCIS Launches Citizenship Public Awareness Initiative", July 6, 2015

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