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Items of immigration reform discussed in North Carolina

Two North Carolina state representatives joined in a recent public forum to discuss matters of importance with the community. Among the topics covered at the town hall meeting were finances and issues regarding immigration reform and proposed legislation for certain changes regarding the operation of motor vehicles.  A new bill, which one of the speakers has introduced, was filed in March.

Representatives Carl Ford and Harry Warren were said to have spent the majority of their town hall meeting time talking about a newly proposed bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain state-issued driving permits. Representative Warren said that he is working on obtaining support in the Senate for the proposed legislation. Warren also explained to the community members present at the meeting that there has been some misunderstanding of the bill, with some believing that it proposes licenses to drive, which, he says, it does not.

The goal of the bill is reportedly aimed at providing restricted and limited permits for undocumented persons to legally operate motor vehicles when they have proved eligible to do so. Those who support the legislation claim that this type of immigration reform would help to protect all motorists navigating the state's highways and community roads. According to the explanation given of the bill, a background check, fingerprinting, proof of residence and other stringent measures would be conducted before any applicant would obtain a restricted privilege to drive.

Representative Warren stated that the bill has received bipartisan support. Representative Ford, who also spoke at the recent town hall meeting, shared his opposition to the bill. It remains to be seen if this legislation will become part of immigration reform and law in North Carolina.

Source:, "Ford, Warren talk immigration during town hall meeting", Josh Bergeron, July 18, 2015

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