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Immigrant families in North Carolina might fear deportation

A woman who came to the United States without documentation at the age of 21 recently shared her story and explained the many anxieties and fears she has faced over the years. Now married with children, the woman said that her fears of deportation have been exacerbated since becoming a mother. North Carolina immigrant families might relate to this woman's experiences.

As one of 11 children, the woman said her life in Mexico was one of poverty, without any hope for a productive future due to lack of available employment in her native land. She explained that her brother and others who had already begun residing in the United States helped her enter the country without documentation in 1998. She secured paid employment, met a man with whom she fell in love and went on to marry him and raise a family.

The woman stated that she and her fellow family members have always been very careful about driving and traveling over the years. They made sure to only travel within their state of residence because they had studied and knew the patterns of the roadways well. She said that her fear of deportation increased once she had children because she did not want them to have to experience the life of poverty she had known in Mexico. Her son was recently diagnosed with cancer and now must undergo treatment that could take up to four years.

The boy's mother said that she does miss her homeland in some ways and might like to see it again. However, she knows that medical treatments and medicines are not adequate there and that her son stands a much better chance for survival if he can remain in the United States. Other immigrant families in North Carolina might be experiencing similar situations. In such cases, it might prove beneficial to discuss one's case with a legal professional who has experience in immigration and naturalization law.

Source: The New Yorker, "The Immigrant Families in Limbo", Jeffrey Toobin, Accessed on July 23

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