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Child immigrants outside North Carolina given adult vaccines

An incident occurred on a recent Friday at a detention center outside North Carolina that some have labeled a flagrant abuse of non-citizens. The situation involved child immigrants and their mothers who were reportedly vaccinated without consent. Reports indicate that a mistaken dosage of one particular vaccine was given to the children.

A representative from Immigration and Customs Enforcement stated that approximately 250 children in the immigration detainment center were given an adult dose of a hepatitis vaccine. Those concerned have demanded answers to the many questions that have arisen regarding the mistake and the agency's alleged nonchalant response to the incident. The detention center in question houses approximately 2,000 women and their children.

The women and children had been incarcerated by the federal government following their requests for asylum in the United States. Immigrant advocates have stated that they want to know why the federal government would issue potentially dangerous doses of a vaccine to asylum seekers. It was noted that Corrections Corporation of America guards entered the rooms of the women and children unannounced in the pre-dawn hours of a recent morning. The women were said to become very confused and were protesting when they were told to report for important medical appointments that the women claimed they never requested.

Ultimately, the immigrants, held in a state southwest of North Carolina, were led to a group of people donned in both military uniforms and suits and told to prepare their children to receive injections.The women claim that their questions and requests for further information went unanswered. Many reported that their children suffered, days later, with complete immobility, as well as vomiting and loss of appetite. There have been some legal representatives who have responded to the case and are working to provide services to those involved in order to seek clarification and request answers from the government with regard to the events that took place.

Source: Fox News Latino, "Opinion: Vaccination of immigrants without consent in Dilley was flagrant abuse", Aseem Mehta, July 10, 2015

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