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July 2015 Archives

Undocumented immigrants tour will visit North Carolina

It has been noted that many persons residing in the United States without sufficient legal statuses tend to live in fear and become anxious at the thought of being discovered and potentially deported back to their native lands. Some undocumented immigrants, however, have chosen not only not to live in fear, but to speak out publicly about their experiences and life journeys. A group of people connected by similar circumstances started a tour across the nation in 2013 and have made plans to do it again this year, stopping in various locales, including North Carolina.

Court outside North Carolina orders release of immigrant children

In 1997, a settlement was reached in a lawsuit, known thereafter as "Flores," that defined the legal requirements which must be met at detention centers that are housing children. A judge in a state outside North Carolina recently ruled that immigrant children had been housed under deplorable conditions at Border Patrol stations. The judge found that, even in temporary holding facilities, there are requirements regarding safety and sanitation to which authorities must adhere.

Immigrant families in North Carolina might fear deportation

A woman who came to the United States without documentation at the age of 21 recently shared her story and explained the many anxieties and fears she has faced over the years. Now married with children, the woman said that her fears of deportation have been exacerbated since becoming a mother. North Carolina immigrant families might relate to this woman's experiences.

Items of immigration reform discussed in North Carolina

Two North Carolina state representatives joined in a recent public forum to discuss matters of importance with the community. Among the topics covered at the town hall meeting were finances and issues regarding immigration reform and proposed legislation for certain changes regarding the operation of motor vehicles.  A new bill, which one of the speakers has introduced, was filed in March.

Immigrant jailed in North Carolina files lawsuit against officers

A man who worked in North Carolina has filed a complaint in a federal court regarding what he says was a false imprisonment. The immigrant submitted an 18-page complaint earlier in July 2015. The claim alleges that three immigration officers and the U.S. government have committed malicious prosecution against him.

North Carolina family immigration sometimes includes a green card

Emigration does not necessarily happen for a whole family at a single point in time. In other words, sometimes, families are separated for a time, with some members coming to the United States while others remain in their native countries. North Carolina family immigration sometimes involves an effort on the part of advocates and U.S. citizens to help promote family unity by striving to obtain a green card for a family member to permanently join his or her relatives in the United States. Depending upon the circumstances, various family members may petition for U.S. residency through another family member already residing in the United States.

Child immigrants outside North Carolina given adult vaccines

An incident occurred on a recent Friday at a detention center outside North Carolina that some have labeled a flagrant abuse of non-citizens. The situation involved child immigrants and their mothers who were reportedly vaccinated without consent. Reports indicate that a mistaken dosage of one particular vaccine was given to the children.

Workers' compensation due to employee who attempted a rescue

A recent incident occurred outside North Carolina at a sanitation plant. A crew was working on installation of a pipeline when screams for help were heard. The person yelling was screaming that a fellow worker had fallen into a concrete pit. The events that followed resulted in a workers' compensation dispute between the worker who then attempted a rescue and his employer.

North Carolina immigrants might qualify for TPS

Applicants who are eligible for temporary protected status (TPS) were recently encouraged to apply before August 18, 2015. Immigrants who have resided continuously within the United States since November 20, 2014 are eligible for TPS as long as they have been physically present in the United States since November 21, 2014. Recent information was given that discussed other eligibility factors, as well as circumstances that would render someone ineligible for application. The information is pertinent to North Carolina residents, as well as others throughout the nation.

Public awareness campaign launched for immigrants

An awareness group working in conjunction with the Task Force on New Americans recently launched a campaign initiative to raise public awareness about U.S. citizenship and the privileges, responsibilities and rights that go along with it. Undocumented immigrants in North Carolina and elsewhere who aspire toward  legalization of their statuses and citizenship might be interested in the promotional materials and resources provided by the campaign to guide them in their journeys. The campaign suggested that those with questions or concerns regarding an adjustment of status might want to visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services resource center to obtain reliable information about naturalization topics.

H-1B holder accuses employer of immigrant discrimination

In a state outside North Carolina, an employee has filed a lawsuit against his employer. The man, who also happens to be an immigrant, is a former staff writer for a weekly news column. He claims that he was not paid just wages and also that he lost benefits because of reported tax fraud that his employer allegedly committed.

Those involved in family immigration sometimes turn to a church

A city far west of North Carolina is an ever-expanding center for population growth. Family immigration is a leading source of the population increase. Many have traveled through life-threatening conditions, deserts and the turbulent waters of an immense river in order to cross the borders into the United States. Many of these families find themselves needing help in order to provide even the most basic supplies and provisions to their families.