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Some without U.S. citizenship face deportation in North Carolina

Undocumented immigrants in North Carolina sometimes face a number of legal issues pertaining to their statuses. Those without U.S. citizenship might be served with a potential deportation and removal notice. In such cases, it can be beneficial to seek the advice of a legal professional who is experienced in immigration and naturalization law.

Attorney Nancy Quinn from The Quinn Law Firm is a dedicated professional who has experience in assisting undocumented immigrants involved in removal proceedings. Under her guidance, a client can be assured that he or she will receive the utmost assistance in preparing an appropriate defense. Our attorneys might be able to offer advice with regard to any number of grounds that have led to your being served with removal papers.

Nancy Quinn is experienced in helping those accused of marriage fraud, violation of green card and/or visa terms and alleged falsification of documents. She will work as an advocate to support you during these or other similarly complex and stressful situations. With Nancy's assistance, a client is able to explore a number of options that might be legally available to him or her.

Sometimes, with the right legal guidance, one is able to uncover old paperwork that can then be used as evidence to support one's case toward U.S. citizenship. Regardless of what grounds led to the issuance of removal papers against you in North Carolina, you are able to seek legal consultation in an effort to formulate a defense in order to avoid deportation. You can contact The Quinn Law Firm by phone or online in order to schedule an appointment to learn more about the services that our attorneys are able to render on your behalf.

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