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Seeking permanent residency through an adjustment of status

Those from foreign countries who wish to become permanent residents of the United States must apply for a green card. In North Carolina and beyond, this is typically the first step toward becoming a U.S. citizen. When seeking an adjustment of status, it is sometimes helpful to request guidance from a legal professional who has experience in immigration and naturalization law.

At The Quinn Law Firm, we are committed to assisting immigrants who have built a life for themselves in the United States and wish to establish permanent residency. Our attorneys are familiar with the various processes that lead to an adjustment of status. We can help you determine the specific petition needed in  your case and assist you in filing the necessary documents.

Typically, those applying for a green card are required to participate in an interview at an embassy. As it can sometimes be a stressful experience to answer questions regarding your current immigration status during a formal interview, it might be of comfort to have one of our experienced attorneys by your side to guide you through the process. Our goal is to help you maximize your opportunities for building a successful life as a permanent resident in the United States.

We offer a free initial consultation to those with questions or concerns regarding an adjustment of status. You can contact our North Carolina office to arrange an appointment. We are ready to assist you as you take the first steps toward obtaining a green card and establishing a permanent history in your new homeland.

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