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Recent event helps immigrants who seek citizenship

In many states, there are immigrants who wish to become U.S. citizens. In a location outside North Carolina, a recent event was hosted by a local city hall in order to raise awareness and help those who wish to pursue the process. Selected staff members were on hand along with an immigration attorney to assist immigrants who want to apply for citizenship.

In order to be eligible for application assistance, immigrants had to take an English test. They also must be legal residents of the United States for at least five years. If an immigrant is married to a citizen of the United States, the residency requirement is three years, rather than five. A fee was charged to assist with the citizenship process.

The hosts of the recent event issued a public statement saying that they were hoping to build a sense of community among immigrants seeking citizenship. They also said that they wish to celebrate diversity within their city. A similar event was held earlier in the year. At a recent community-sponsored art exhibit, participants were asked to share their family histories and tell others why they had chosen to settle in the city.

The recent event was called a "Community Citizenship Drive." Those interested in learning whether North Carolina communities offer similar events may check with local event planning committees. Additionally, immigrants with questions or concerns regarding the processes involved in becoming a U.S. citizen can contact a local attorney who has experience in immigration and naturalization law. He or she would be able to provide information and offer advice on the matter.

Source:, "Oakley hosts immigration event", Nate Gartrell, June 23, 2015

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