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2 states outside North Carolina working toward immigration reform

Laws and regulations concerning immigration in North Carolina and other states are typically matters of federal jurisdiction. A recent article discussed two states that are attempting to create their own versions of immigration reform. Leaders from both states have reportedly said that the proposed reform of the federal government has, thus far, failed; therefore, they suggest that individual states be given the power to take matters into their own hands.

The article mentioned the fact that states are often given the opportunity to make decisions on matters of education, drugs and government assistance programs. Following that same thought process, advocates believe that states should be given similar authority when it comes to immigration laws. One suggestion, which some claim is radical, is to allow state-run guest worker visa programs.

A state-based visa program would allow individual states to customize the visas they choose to grant to workers. One example suggested that while Texas may choose to grant visas to construction or agricultural workers, California may decide to issue work visas to high-tech employees. Both states have recently drafted bills that would require the federal government to give the states power over their own programs.

It is not known whether North Carolina will adopt similar legislation on proposed state-based immigration reform. Non U.S. citizens sometimes face complicated issues with regard to visas, green cards or other matters of residency and legal status within the state. Clarification on matters of immigration and naturalization law and advice as to how to proceed when facing similar challenges can be sought through consultation with a legal professional in the area.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Immigration reform: Let the states lead the way", Accessed on June 17, 2015

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