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Time limits can affect claims filed after work-related injuries

North Carolina workers who are injured on the job will want to take note of certain time limitations that might be significant with regard to filing a claim. Accident reports regarding work-related injuries are sometimes subject to a 30-day limitation where notification to the employer is concerned. Failing to report an incident within the required time constrictions could mean a loss of eligibility for claiming compensation benefits.

A workers' compensation attorney can assist those who have been injured or made ill in the workplace. Benefits received through workers' comp can be used to pay medical bills, replace lost wages or acquire new vocational training if one's injuries prevent the return to a normal course of duty on the job. The process of claiming benefits can become complicated, depending upon the circumstances that led to an injury or illness.

Some workers have stated that they fear a loss of employment if they were to file a claim. In such cases, attorneys from The Quinn Law Firm would be able to explain the Retaliatory Employment Discharge Act, which protects an employee from employer retaliation. Every worker has a right to file a compensation claim in the aftermath of a workplace illness or injury.

In some cases, work-related injuries have been caused by a third party. Quinn Law attorneys can help clients in these types of situations seek compensation for damages sustained beyond those obtained through workers' comp. North Carolina workers may also want to take note that no fees are charged by Quinn Law until the firm has succeeded in obtaining compensation benefits for a client.

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