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Some say immigrants bring prosperity to North Carolina

A recent article discussed the population and economic growth in North Carolina counties. Some say that immigrants have played a crucial part in growing the population and strengthening the economy. Reportedly, rural North Carolina counties have experienced a particular benefit from the active livelihoods and participation in community life of immigrants.

There are those who say that immigrants are more likely to own businesses and participate in the labor forces of the nation than native-born citizens. Some studies suggest that an increase in the immigration population leads to employment growth, as well. Those who advocate providing temporary statuses to parents of children who are born in the United States claim that doing so would lead to a boost in the nation's economy.

Projections from a recent analysis published by the Center for American Progress suggested that the Executive Orders on immigration would lead to an increase in incomes of $88 billion in America. The analysis also projected that 20,538 new jobs per year would be generated over the next decade. Analysts indicated that immigrants in North Carolina make a significant contribution to the overall health of the economy.

In North Carolina and other states, immigrants sometimes face legal issues with regard to their statuses, such as green cards or temporary visas. Those who wish to continue as active participants in the state's economic well-being but have questions or concerns about their potential ability to do so due to undocumented status, possible deportation or other issues of residency may wish to contact a legal professional with experience in immigration and naturalization law. Doing so could lead to resources and information that would clarify the legal issues at hand and help determine what options might be available with regard to seeking permanent residency in the United States.

Source:, "Immigrants and North Carolina's economy", Alexandra Sirota, May 22, 2015

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