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North Carolina lawyers offer immigrants help to avoid deportation

Many men, women and children cross the nation's borders in an effort to escape violence, extreme poverty and crime in their countries of origin. In North Carolina and elsewhere, some undocumented immigrants fear deportation and would benefit from consultation with a legal professional who has experience in immigration and naturalization law. However, for some, such as those being held in detention centers near the country's Southwest border, recent reports indicate that gaining access to attorneys has been difficult.

Thousands come to the United States in the hope of a better life, fleeing lands where they live in fear or struggle to survive substandard living conditions. A recent article discussed many immigrants who are awaiting court dates in family detention shelters that some say are more akin to prisons than family centers. Apparently, some attorneys have traveled far to offer pro bono services to those in need after hearing about prison-like conditions and immigrants who have been prevented from seeking legal guidance.

Immigrant advocates have stated that the conditions of the family detention centers are problematic. A recent online radio show featured a law professor and immigration attorney who took a group of university students to tour a family detention center in order to raise awareness to the issue. According to reports, many immigrants were transferred to the rural Texas center after a New Mexico facility was shut down.

North Carolina immigrants and those in other states face various issues that affect their potential legitimized statuses or threaten deportation. Access to an attorney who has experience in similar cases would most likely benefit those with questions or concerns regarding these issues. An experienced professional would be able to assess an individual case and possibly offer suggestions about how to avoid deportation and seek a legitimized status in the United States.

Source:, "Attorneys Lack Access To Detained Immigrants", Will Michaels and Frank Stasio, April 30, 2015

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