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North Carolina immigrants sometimes face legal issues

Matters of immigration in North Carolina and elsewhere can sometimes be complicated and confusing to those involved. Many immigrants face a variety of legal issues that leave them seeking clarification of the law or wanting further information as to the options that might be available to them in certain situations. Some immigration issues affect individuals, while others pertain to whole families. Obtaining sound legal advice would be beneficial to most people who are preparing to navigate the legal system with regard to their statuses in the United States.

One of the most common issues pertinent to those who have emigrated to the United States from a foreign land involves a green card. Often, green card holders wish to pursue legal citizenship. The Quinn Law Firm understands the process involved in seeking citizenship and would be able to help interested parties prepare for their proceedings.

In addition to questions about legitimization of status for green card holders, many immigrant families include a U.S. citizen or family member with permanent residency who wishes to sponsor a child, spouse or other relative to come to the United States through a family-based visa classification. The experienced professionals at Quinn are able to assist immigrant families in filing this type of petition. Immigration law can be quite complex, and it is advisable to seek consultation with a legal professional as a means of gaining clarification and simplifying the process of bringing non-citizen family members across the borders.

Through proposed immigration reforms, advocates hope to make things easier for those who desire to pursue legal emigration to the United States. The Quinn Law Firm has offices in North Carolina and welcomes all immigrants who find themselves in need of professional legal advice to contact them for a scheduled appointment. Because there are various options involved with status adjustment, assistance from an experienced attorney can help an immigrant determine which options would be best in his or her particular circumstances.

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