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Job-related accident leaves North Carolina trooper traumatized

A North Carolina Highway Patrolman who suffers from a traumatic brain injury has been involved in a battle since a tragic turn of events during his line of duty in Nov. 2009. The job-related accident took place when the trooper was responding to a motor vehicle crash. The officer was injured when a hydroplaning vehicle smashed into his police cruiser.

Reports indicate that the majority of injuries suffered by the trooper in the aftermath of the accident are not typically visible to the average onlooker. His wife told reporters that her husband has never been the same since the tragic incident. She said that he suffers from severe cognitive difficulties, post traumatic stress disorder and dementia.

The officer's wife has been fighting his employer in an effort to acquire the type of rehabilitative care her husband needs. She said that because her husband is able to be physically active, some do not believe that he has suffered a serious brain injury. Investigators were reportedly hired to follow the officer and record his actions on film.

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety claims that the officer was given pay for two full years' time and also was given $700,000 in workers' compensation. The man's wife, representing him, has stated that the process under which these monies were granted, as well as the private settlement reached in the case, have caused her and her husband to question the process. Residents facing similar circumstances after a job-related accident may have need for advice from a legal professional who is familiar with workers' compensation cases. Depending on an individual case, it is sometimes difficult to claim the compensation to which one is entitled, and a competent attorney would most likely be able to offer guidance that could aid someone who is going through the process.

Source:, "After injury, trooper's family fights for care", May 4, 2015

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