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Investigators uncover possible marriage fraud ring

A recent case outside the state of North Carolina resulted in federal criminal charges being brought against a group of people. The suspected marriage fraud ring apparently involved undocumented immigrants who allegedly paid money in order to enter into fraudulent marriages. The purpose of the false marriages is said to be an attempt to evade regulations concerning legal statuses and entrance into the United States.

Immigration laws can be quite complex and complicated for those seeking to cross over the nation's borders. Some have stated that fraudulent marriage is sometimes used as a way of avoiding those laws. Immigrants who are proved to have committed such fraud would typically be subject to deportation, though it is one thing to be accused of such a crime and quite another to actually be convicted of it in court.

Colombia, Venezuela and Ukraine are among the locations where immigrants are suspected of entering into false marriages in order to gain entrance into the United States. In Florida, 27 people were charged for their suspected participation in the fraudulent marriage ring. Investigators claim that prospective immigrants were paying a monetary fee of up to several thousand dollars before entering into the illicit marriages. Any person convicted of these charges who resides in the United States on a green card or visa would also be at risk for deportation under the circumstances.

Convictions rendered in cases having to do with immigration issues, such as marriage fraud, could result in prison sentences. North Carolina immigrant residents may wish to consider seeking legal consultation with a professional who is experienced in immigration and naturalization cases if they have questions regarding immigration laws and marriage to a United States citizen. Clarifying what options may be available insofar as pursuing a legal status is concerned can possibly prevent stressful situations further down the line.

Source:, "27 charged in Florida for immigration marriage fraud", April 26, 2015

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