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May 2015 Archives

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and military eligibility

In North Carolina and across the nation, recent controversies have arisen concerning whether undocumented immigrants should be eligible to serve in the armed forces of the United States. Advocates say that those who qualify for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals should be allowed to join the military if they so choose. On a recent Thursday, the House voted to delete the language needed in the defense authorization bill that could have led to a Pentagon review of the topic.

Time limits can affect claims filed after work-related injuries

North Carolina workers who are injured on the job will want to take note of certain time limitations that might be significant with regard to filing a claim. Accident reports regarding work-related injuries are sometimes subject to a 30-day limitation where notification to the employer is concerned. Failing to report an incident within the required time constrictions could mean a loss of eligibility for claiming compensation benefits.

Some say immigrants bring prosperity to North Carolina

A recent article discussed the population and economic growth in North Carolina counties. Some say that immigrants have played a crucial part in growing the population and strengthening the economy. Reportedly, rural North Carolina counties have experienced a particular benefit from the active livelihoods and participation in community life of immigrants.

University in North Carolina accused of immigrant discrimination

A North Carolina university was recently accused of wrong-doing with regard to its undergraduate admissions process. A group of students filed a claim against the school, accusing it of immigrant discrimination. According to reports, in response to the federal lawsuit, the university adamantly denied that its undergraduate admissions program is flawed by discriminating against certain ethnic groups or races.

North Carolina immigrants sometimes face legal issues

Matters of immigration in North Carolina and elsewhere can sometimes be complicated and confusing to those involved. Many immigrants face a variety of legal issues that leave them seeking clarification of the law or wanting further information as to the options that might be available to them in certain situations. Some immigration issues affect individuals, while others pertain to whole families. Obtaining sound legal advice would be beneficial to most people who are preparing to navigate the legal system with regard to their statuses in the United States.

The voice of African immigrants grows stronger

Recent research suggests that the number of people who have emigrated from Africa to the United States has risen to 1.4 million in 2013 from 570,000  a decade or so earlier. Some reports have suggested that the voice of African immigrants is also on the rise, with advocates and immigrants becoming more active as their numbers grow. A recent article recalled a gathering in cities across the nation, possibly including some in North Carolina, in 2006, that inspired the founding of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration group.

North Carolina lawyers offer immigrants help to avoid deportation

Many men, women and children cross the nation's borders in an effort to escape violence, extreme poverty and crime in their countries of origin. In North Carolina and elsewhere, some undocumented immigrants fear deportation and would benefit from consultation with a legal professional who has experience in immigration and naturalization law. However, for some, such as those being held in detention centers near the country's Southwest border, recent reports indicate that gaining access to attorneys has been difficult.

Are North Carolina immigrants being discriminated against?

A recent case has developed in North Carolina that has left some people wondering whether one district attorney has misinterpreted the law. Some say it appears that undocumented immigrants in the state are being discriminated against.  The issues surround a particular visa known as a "U visa" that was said to be implemented in order to encourage those without legal status to come forward to report crimes when necessary.

Investigators uncover possible marriage fraud ring

A recent case outside the state of North Carolina resulted in federal criminal charges being brought against a group of people. The suspected marriage fraud ring apparently involved undocumented immigrants who allegedly paid money in order to enter into fraudulent marriages. The purpose of the false marriages is said to be an attempt to evade regulations concerning legal statuses and entrance into the United States.

Job-related accident leaves North Carolina trooper traumatized

A North Carolina Highway Patrolman who suffers from a traumatic brain injury has been involved in a battle since a tragic turn of events during his line of duty in Nov. 2009. The job-related accident took place when the trooper was responding to a motor vehicle crash. The officer was injured when a hydroplaning vehicle smashed into his police cruiser.