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Some say upcoming green card plan is simply an election ploy

Some have said that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has plans that could potentially affect immigrants in North Carolina and beyond. According to a recent article, anonymous persons from the Department of Homeland Security revealed an upcoming plan that will allow as many as nine million green card holders to naturalize their citizenship. A matter of significance regarding the plan is that the tremendous influx of naturalizations will occur before the nation's next presidential election.

The recent article indicated that the plan includes a proposed recapturing of visas that have been unused for an extended period of time. These visas would be used to grant new visas and green cards. Supporters of the plan say that it will help immigrants become fully integrated in their communities.

The plan includes a list of recommendations, including ways to build community support of immigrants and ways to help immigrants learn to speak English. The list also suggests resources for helping to build skills and an entrepreneurial spirit within the immigrant sectors of society. Those who oppose the plan claim that data indicates that naturalized immigrants tend to vote for the Democratic ticket in an election.

They have further stated that the plan is nothing more than a ploy to stack the voting booths in the democratic favor in the upcoming 2016 elections. Issues involved in visas and green card distribution are sometimes complex and confusing. North Carolina residents with questions pertaining to these or other immigration and naturalization topics can contact a legal professional with experience in the field in order to seek advice and gain information on the application processes and regulations involved when seeking to acquire these documents.

Source:, "DHS may be readying to grant more Green Cards by recapturing unused visas", Raif Karerat, April 24, 2015

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