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Some immigrants in North Carolina and beyond fear deportation

A recent article was published that shared the personal story of a woman who has lived as an undocumented immigrant in the United States for 16 years. Some North Carolina residents might relate to the woman's desire to become a political activist for those who share her plight. Her inspiration to speak out was apparently wrought through suffering, after watching her husband face deportation which threatened to tear her family apart.

The wife and mother featured in the article is not unlike many other undocumented immigrants who claim to have fled their native lands to escape a life of extreme poverty and, sometimes, danger. In the late nineties, the woman's husband crossed the borders into the United States. Within a year and a half, she and her infant daughter came to America separate from one another. The woman was a young wife of 16 at the time and recalled that the days of her journey through the desert without her husband and baby were the worst days of her entire life.

The couple has apparently lived as contributing members of American society, holding down paying jobs and doing their best to raise their family without revealing their unregistered statuses. According to the recent article, that all changed when the husband and a friend were stuck on the side of the road in need of assistance and were arrested when responding officers began to question them about their statuses. Since then, the woman and her daughter have become proactive, taking trips to Washington, D.C., and speaking out about the immigration reform they believe the nation needs so that people like themselves can legitimize their statuses and no longer be viewed or treated as criminals.

Thousands of undocumented immigrants in North Carolina and elsewhere seem to understand the fears that go along with facing the threats of deportation, yet many claim they are hard-working people who want to be fully integrated into the American society and marketplace. Because many of the issues pertaining to legitimization of status, possible deportation and other family immigration topics can be complicated and confusing, it might be prudent for those with questions to consult an attorney in their area. Legal professionals with experience in immigration and naturalization law would most likely be able to assess an individual's case and offer advice with regard to how to proceed toward acquiring a permanent legal status in the United States.

Source:, "For immigrant family, life in US brings heartache, hope", Mark Sommerhauser, Accessed on April 21, 2015

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