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Some immigrants become successful entrepreneurs

In North Carolina and elsewhere throughout the nation, a rising entrepreneurial spirit allows those with creative business ideas to pursue their dreams and build successful companies. Immigrants are among some of those who have brought their creative endeavors to the public while offering a boost to the nation's struggling economy. One man, residing in a nearby state, turned his love for his family's native culture, traditions and food into a thriving local business.

The man emigrated to America from Peru some 15 years ago. He settled in an area where his wife's family resides. The man stated that he could not find an eatery in his new community that allowed patrons to experience the native traditions and culinary flavors from his homeland. This inspired him to open his own unique specialty restaurant, which serves authentic Peruvian delicacies and provides a cultural atmosphere akin to that of his native land.

The Peruvian immigrant now enjoys a successful entrepreneurship in his local community. He said that it delights him when customers say that a visit to his restaurant makes them feel as though they have visited Peru. According the restaurant owner, it was his dream to take the recipes and flavors, handed down to him from the elder generations in his family and create a space where people could come and enjoy authentic foods and Peruvian customs.

Immigrants in North Carolina and other states who have dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs in America might find themselves in need of legal assistance as they take steps to bring those dreams to fruition. The legal processes of such an endeavor can sometimes be complex and confusing, especially where work visas or other immigrant status issues are concerned. A legal team with experience in immigration and naturalization law can offer advice and support with regard to navigating the legal system in pursuit of successful business ownership.

Source:, "New restaurant serves up authentic Peruvian cuisine", Lillia Callum-Penso, April 3, 2015

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