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Report ranks North Carolina and others on immigrant policies

A recent report ranked North Carolina and all other states on their current support and official actions with regard to assisting those without legal status to become fully integrated into the workforces and marketplaces of their communities. According to a recent article that shared results from the report, some states fare better than others when it comes to immigrant policies and assisting those whose labor, some say, is a key factor in the economic success in the nation's modern society. The report was published on a recent Thursday, after research was conducted by several groups on the West Coast.

Some of the issues upon which states were ranked in the recent report included those involving labor and employment, health and welfare, access to government-issued identification and higher education. The studies also involved observations on the enforcement of federal programs within each state that commonly lead to deportation of undocumented immigrants. An associate director for a center of health policy research stated that discrimination toward and neglect of undocumented persons tend to have an adverse effect on immigrant families, as well as whole communities.

The state of Ohio ranked lowest in the report, followed closely by Alabama, West Virginia, Arizona, Mississippi and Indiana. One of the issues that led to Ohio's low rank apparently involves the way the state determines eligibility for food stamps. Because the state bases family size upon valid citizenship or legal permanent residency, undocumented families tend to suffer because the protocol leads to an appearance of inflated income within certain households where not all members have legitimized statuses.

The recent article did not list the specific rank of North Carolina with regard to its standing in the results of the study. Residents who might have questions or find themselves in need of legal advice pertaining to immigrant issues can seek consultation with a professional who has experience in immigration and naturalization law. An experienced attorney would be able to clarify the sometimes complicated processes and regulations involved for those wish to pursue a legitimization of status and/or are confronting immigration related legal issues. 

Source:, "Ohio last on list of states with policies to support undocumented immigrants, report says", Encarnacion Pyle, April 16, 2015

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