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North Carolina immigrant charged with multiple felony crimes

A family of Myanmar refugees living in a quiet North Carolina immigrant community became the recent victim of an unfathomable tragedy. At least three counts of felony crime have been issued against an 18-year-old foreign-born male who is suspected of murdering several members of the family. Residents of the small immigrant community have expressed their shock, confusion and sorrow over the recent horror.

It can be assumed that most foreign-born people who immigrate to America do so with the hope of a better life. Many immigrants come to the nation to escape turmoil, extreme poverty or acts of oppression. Data suggests, however, that things do not always go smoothly for those who have immigrated. Sadly, sometimes immigrants face tragedy in the United States or become victims of violent crime. In some cases, those crimes are committed by fellow immigrants.

An 18-year-old male, also an immigrant resident of the United States, is accused of stabbing three young children who live next door to him. According to police, the mother of the children, who was also stabbed, leaped out a window to escape and cried to neighbors for help. Officers arrived to find the suspect still holding the alleged weapon. A 14-year-old daughter of the woman also survived the violent attack.

The 18-year-old immigrant who now faces felony murder and assault charges is still protected by U.S. law. He will be considered innocent until proved guilty in a North Carolina court. Other immigrants in similar circumstances have the right to defend themselves against the charges they face in hopes of avoiding the consequences, which often include deportation. 

Source: ABC News, "Grisly Slayings Shock Refugee Community in North Carolina", Jonathan Drew, March 19, 2015

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