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April 2015 Archives

Research suggests some children of undocumented immigrants suffer

A professor and a dean at a leading university recently published an article that suggests possible cognitive impairment and psychological distress related to the hidden lifestyles of students with undocumented parents. Children of immigrants, where at least one of the parents does not have legal status in America, are said to suffer various types of stress that affect their abilities to live healthy lifestyles and perform to their full academic potentials. The research, conducted outside the state of North Carolina, claims that one of the reasons young people from households where a parent remains undocumented experience stress is because they tend to live with fear that their mother's or father's non-legitimized status will be discovered.

Report ranks North Carolina and others on immigrant policies

A recent report ranked North Carolina and all other states on their current support and official actions with regard to assisting those without legal status to become fully integrated into the workforces and marketplaces of their communities. According to a recent article that shared results from the report, some states fare better than others when it comes to immigrant policies and assisting those whose labor, some say, is a key factor in the economic success in the nation's modern society. The report was published on a recent Thursday, after research was conducted by several groups on the West Coast.

Some say upcoming green card plan is simply an election ploy

Some have said that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has plans that could potentially affect immigrants in North Carolina and beyond. According to a recent article, anonymous persons from the Department of Homeland Security revealed an upcoming plan that will allow as many as nine million green card holders to naturalize their citizenship. A matter of significance regarding the plan is that the tremendous influx of naturalizations will occur before the nation's next presidential election.

Some immigrants in North Carolina and beyond fear deportation

A recent article was published that shared the personal story of a woman who has lived as an undocumented immigrant in the United States for 16 years. Some North Carolina residents might relate to the woman's desire to become a political activist for those who share her plight. Her inspiration to speak out was apparently wrought through suffering, after watching her husband face deportation which threatened to tear her family apart.

Some undocumented immigrants are becoming licensed drivers

In some states outside North Carolina, people who are undocumented may now be able to obtain drivers' licenses. Undocumented immigrants now have the opportunity obtain licenses to drive even though they do not have legal residence in the country. Many of the 2.5 million who are undocumented in one West Coast state have expressed their happiness over the recent changes.

Undocumented immigrant, Jose Vargas, speaks in North Carolina

A North Carolina college hosted a public speaker on a recent Tuesday evening who brought audience members to their feet in applause. Jose Antonio Vargas is a noted journalist and filmmaker who also happens to be an undocumented immigrant. He reportedly revealed his undocumented status in a 4,000 word essay, published in 2011.

North Carolina leaders join others in immigration reform appeal

A recent amicus brief was filed in support of an appeal to overturn a preliminary injunction barring implementation of executive action order by President Obama with regard to undocumented immigrants in the United States. More than 70 county and city leaders, including some in North Carolina, added their names to a legal brief requesting that the court lift the injunction concerning the president's designated immigration reform policies. In adding their names to the brief, some have acted against the chosen platforms of their states.

Should employers be responsible for verifying immigrant statuses?

Recent proposed legislation has raised concerns among farmers due to its proposed changes to the way worker statuses are verified. Current federal laws that apply in North Carolina and elsewhere require employers to obtain certain documents when hiring new employees, but do not require them to verify that the documents are valid. Some say that if the new act is adopted, American farms will suffer because of the immigrant statuses of some workers.

Some immigrants become successful entrepreneurs

In North Carolina and elsewhere throughout the nation, a rising entrepreneurial spirit allows those with creative business ideas to pursue their dreams and build successful companies. Immigrants are among some of those who have brought their creative endeavors to the public while offering a boost to the nation's struggling economy. One man, residing in a nearby state, turned his love for his family's native culture, traditions and food into a thriving local business.

North Carolina immigrant students might get decrease in tuition

Undocumented foreign-born students  in North Carolina who are attending a college in the state pay as much as $7,000 more than other resident students. This is because the current system does not grant in-state tuition discounts to undocumented immigrant students. A newly proposed bill in the North Carolina Senate could lead to changes that would allow those students to receive the same tuition rate to which other state residents are entitled.

North Carolina immigrant charged with multiple felony crimes

A family of Myanmar refugees living in a quiet North Carolina immigrant community became the recent victim of an unfathomable tragedy. At least three counts of felony crime have been issued against an 18-year-old foreign-born male who is suspected of murdering several members of the family. Residents of the small immigrant community have expressed their shock, confusion and sorrow over the recent horror.

One North Carolina city working to help immigrant business owners

Charlotte, North Carolina has become known as a city that welcomes foreign-born residents. Data from 2013 indicates that as many as one in 10 residents in the area is an immigrant. Many of the area's immigrants are also business owners, and the city is hoping to work to support those immigrant business owners.