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Undocumented immigrant influx slows in North Carolina and nation

Following up on our latest blog post regarding legal issues about immigrant children ("Child immigrant advocates concerned with deportation orders," March 19), North Carolina has often been the chosen location for many who have crossed borders into the United States. Often, an undocumented immigrant is a child who is not accompanied by any adults. The federal Department of Health and Human Services, which is responsible for taking care of the children while deportation proceedings are pending, recently requested nearly $1 billion from the federal government to fund this initiative; moreover, a proposed contingency fund of another $400 million has also been requested.

The influx of child immigrants reached what many believe to be crisis proportions in 2014. According to recent data, the flow of unaccompanied children crossing the borders of the United States seems to have decreased. However, some analysts believe that their emigration was possibly affected by winter weather and that a new surge of undocumented immigrants will most likely enter the country with the arrival of warm weather seasons.

Projections suggest that more than 25,000 children will cross American borders by the end of Sept. 2015. Many of these children will ultimately be called to face deportation proceedings and will likely find themselves in need of legal representation. These issues remain topics of complicated debates within the U.S. Congress, where some support reform to what many believe to be an antiquated legal system with regard to immigration laws.

Because an undocumented immigrant is often a child who is brought into the United States by apparent smugglers, the situation has become a humanitarian crisis across the nation. Legal professionals in North Carolina who have experience in dealing with immigration and naturalization issues are available to assist anyone attempting to legitimize his or her status. Navigating the American legal system can be a complicated and stressful process. Seeking an advocate in the legal profession would most likely be a prudent choice for those preparing to appear in court, particularly with regard to deportation proceedings.

Source:, "Child illegal migration to U.S. slows but still flowing", Richard Cowan, March 12, 2015

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