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North Carolina immigrants reported as assets to economy

An online report showed a boost in the economy of North Carolina. Some believe that the positive increases have been fueled in part by immigrants living and working in the state. An online report stated that those who have immigrated to the state have become valuable assets to the tax base, labor pool and business communities.

Recent data showed that North Carolina, typically referred to as a swing state during election years, has a population in which 7.6 percent of its residents are immigrants. An info-graphic showed that percentage to equal 749,426 residents. The chart further illustrated that 85.1 percent of the state's children born to immigrants are, in fact, U.S. citizens. According to the latest figures, businesses owned by Asian and Latino residents reported over $10 billion in sales.

With regard to undocumented immigrants in the state, information provided suggests that they pay more than $253 million in local taxes each year. A significant portion of the immigrant population is made up of naturalized citizens who are eligible to vote. In addition, close to 9 percent of the state's business owners are apparently registered as foreign-born residents.

Some commentaries have expressed support for North Carolina immigrants, stating that it would be counter-productive for the economy to alienate this section of society. Those who are striving to legitimize their statuses and/or have questions regarding the naturalization process may contact area professionals with experience in immigration and naturalization laws. Such a consultation would most likely prove helpful to immigrants who are in need of legal assistance.

Source:, "New infographic shows fast-growing economic and political power of immigrants in NC", Rob Schofield, March 3, 2015

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