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Legislation might affect undocumented immigrant in North Carolina

An executive order signed by President Obama regarding immigration has remained a hotly contested topic in political arenas of late. A congressman from North Carolina has introduced legislation in the U.S. Congress which would have an impact on any undocumented immigrant who hopes to receive an income-based earned tax credit. Opponents see the congressman's actions as an obstacle to immigration reform.

The legislation proposed by the Congressman Patrick McHenry would prevent those immigrants who lack documentation from receiving tax credits issued for earned income. When questioned, the congressman said that the legislation he supports is designed only to affect those persons who have entered the United States by illegal means. He further stated that the so-called No Free Rides Act pertains to people who have broken the law and would not affect any other group of immigrants.

Those who oppose the new legislation say that proposed laws like this one are impeding needed immigration reform which, if allowed, would repair a system that has long been broken. Federal judges are slated to hear arguments in the near future regarding the president's executive order regarding immigration. In the meantime, the No Free Rides Act continues to have both opponents and supporters debating the issue.

Whether changes will be made regarding the right of an undocumented immigrant to receive a federal earned income tax credit remains to be seen. Foreign born workers in North Carolina may consult a legal professional with experience in immigration and naturalization law with questions pertaining to this matter and/or other issues involving legitimization of status. An experienced legal team would most likely be able to offer valuable advice concerning any number of immigration issues.

Source:, "NC Rep. McHenry Introduces No Free Rides Act", March 6, 2015

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