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Federal judge angry over deportation issues, sanctions possible

Many North Carolina immigrants, as well as those in other states, are undocumented adults who were brought to the United States in infancy or early childhood. They grew up in America, attended American schools and are now adults who are making a living and contributing to the nation's economy. Recently, the debate over deportation reprieves for childhood immigrants has created a controversy that led to a federal judge threatening sanctions against the Obama administration.

A U.S. District Court judge presided over a recent hearing demanding answers from a Justice Department attorney in response to accusations that the DOJ acted less than credibly with regard to a portion of President Obama's plan to grant reprieves to certain undocumented immigrants so that they can remain in the United States. The executive actions would directly affect as many as 5 million people who live and work in the country without the proper paperwork. Judge Hanen's state joined 25 other states, officially claiming that the president's proposed executive actions are unconstitutional.

Judge Hanen also claimed that the DOJ gave its word that action would not be taken until he had ruled on a request to the court that the program be halted. He claims that 108,000 undocumented immigrants were granted reprieves to remain in the United States for three more years and were also issued work permits before he had ruled on the matter.The DOJ representative who testified at the recent hearing responded to the judge's allegations by saying that there must have been some misunderstanding and assured the court of the integrity of the administration. Whether the judge will issue sanctions against the administration is yet to be seen.

The fact remains, however, that millions of undocumented immigrants, who have spent their lives learning, living and working as part of American communities live in fear of deportation and will be affected by the outcome of this case and others. Those in North Carolina who seek to legitimize their statuses and would like a better understanding of the process for gaining legal status may benefit from contacting legal professionals with experience in immigration and naturalization law. Consulting a legal team would provide information on available options and guidance with regard to navigating the legal system in the United States.

Source: Fox News, "Like an idiot I believed that:Judge blasts DOJ over immigration claims, threatens sanctions", March 20, 2015

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