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Woman on quest to help undocumented migrants avoid deportation

A young teacher reported that she grew concerned when many of  her students were routinely missing class. Her discovery into the root of the problem led her on a quest to help the undocumented migrant students and their families avoid deportation. Over the next decade, the woman, residing far west of North Carolina, earned a law degree and currently continues her work helping those who cross the border to escape danger and improve their living conditions once in the United States.

As a language teacher in an elementary school, she discovered that her students kept missing class because they feared immigration raids. The teacher stated that many of the children came from hard-working families, and she felt compelled to find a way to help them. In 2007, she went to work with an organization that helped undocumented immigrants who suffered abuse. It also offered medical care to those crossing the border into the United States.decision

The woman ultimately earned a law degree so as to better assist undocumented students and their families. She offers tutoring to the homeless in New Mexico, as well as legal counseling, and helps many young adults to prepare for work permits. The teacher-turned-attorney stated that many of the students and their families have come to the nation in an attempt to escape grave danger and poverty. She also said that assisting undocumented immigrants to legitimize their documents helps them to avoid homelessness.

Those in North Carolina who find themselves in need of the type of assistance the woman in this case has offered may seek legal consultation here. A legal professional with experience in immigration and naturalization law would likely provide valuable information with regard to stabilizing papers. Such a professional would also be able to advise those in need on how best to avoid deportation.

Source:, "Sunday Spotlight: Attorney aims to make a difference for city immigrant kids", Uriel J. Garcia, Feb. 14, 2015

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