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U.S. citizenship granted to 11 in a nearby state

In a state south of North Carolina, a special ceremony was recently hosted at the capitol building to grant U.S. citizenship to 11 immigrants. The nation has a history of welcoming foreigners from around the world. Naturalized citizens are considered an integral part of the nation's legacy and add to its reputation as a land of opportunity and freedom. A director from a U.S. citizenship office and a state representative were among those who attended the recent ceremony.

Each of the 11 candidates was given special recognition from his or her nation of origin. The new citizens professed an Oath of Allegiance and joined all those present in the pledge to the flag and singing of the nation's anthem. A certificate of naturalization was presented to each individual.

The ceremony took place in the Georgia State Capitol building. It was reported that this was the first time the state had ever hosted this event in its capitol. Each of the 11 people who received certificates are now protected by all rights set forth in the Constitution and are granted all privileges that are part of American citizenship.

Immigrants in North Carolina and beyond who choose to apply for U.S. citizenship are making an important life decision. Typically, it is helpful to consult a legal professional with experience in immigration and naturalization law so as to gain information regarding the sometimes lengthy and complicated process. Such advice commonly leads to resources which help an immigrant prepare for the steps necessary to achieve citizenship.

Source:, "11 Become U.S. Citizens At Naturalization Ceremony At Georgia State Capitol", Feb. 18, 2015

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