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Battles in North Carolina and other states argue immigration law

Disagreements over President Obama's recent immigration law changes resulted in a lawsuit being filed in a U.S. District Court by a representative of governors of 25-plus states. The main issue at hand concerns the changes President Obama has proposed. North Carolina is among the states involved in the dispute over the new immigration law.

More than 30 mayors from the Democratic Party who agree with the president's intentions for reform have announced plans to file an amicus brief in opposition to the recently filed lawsuit. The suit filed by the governors claims that a plan for unilateral suspension of the nation's immigration laws is not legal. Those filing the suit further purport that irreparable injuries could result if the court fails to intervene.

Those supporting the planned amicus brief state that a delay of the president's plan could prove detrimental to affected families. In addition, they say that such a delay would have a negative impact on the nation's economy. A recent summit attended by officials from cities across the nation was aimed at encouraging families without legal status to file for protection under the president's delayed deportation policy.

Reports state that the proposed reform measure would provide legal rights for various immigrants, such as those with children who are citizens of the United States. It remains to be seen what the court will decide with regard to the governors' lawsuit and the subsequent amicus brief planned by those who oppose the suit. Residents of North Carolina who believe that they might be affected by the impending change in immigration law may be wise to continue to watch the unfolding political situation closely.

Source:, "Immigration Reform 2015: Obama Plan To Protect Immigrants Backed By Democratic Mayors In Ongoing Legal Battle", Cristina Silva, Jan. 23, 2015

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