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February 2015 Archives

Woman on quest to help undocumented migrants avoid deportation

A young teacher reported that she grew concerned when many of  her students were routinely missing class. Her discovery into the root of the problem led her on a quest to help the undocumented migrant students and their families avoid deportation. Over the next decade, the woman, residing far west of North Carolina, earned a law degree and currently continues her work helping those who cross the border to escape danger and improve their living conditions once in the United States.

Work-related injuries possible risk to North Carolina immigrants

Many factories across the nation now employ Latino immigrants. North Carolina might be among those states that have reported a rise in work-related injuries among immigrant workers. A recent federal report indicated that among job injuries in 2013, an exorbitant amount of those injured were Latino workers.

Employees may need workers' compensation due to product used

Most employers in North Carolina and elsewhere are required to provide  insurance coverage that provides wage relief and medical benefits to workers who become ill or are injured on-the-job. This type of insurance, called workers' compensation, differs among jurisdictions but usually functions as a form of disability insurance while also providing benefits to dependents if a worker is killed on the job. A group of workers at a hospital in another state claim that they are suffering adverse effects from a product they've been required to use in the performance of their work duties.

U.S. citizenship granted to 11 in a nearby state

In a state south of North Carolina, a special ceremony was recently hosted at the capitol building to grant U.S. citizenship to 11 immigrants. The nation has a history of welcoming foreigners from around the world. Naturalized citizens are considered an integral part of the nation's legacy and add to its reputation as a land of opportunity and freedom. A director from a U.S. citizenship office and a state representative were among those who attended the recent ceremony.

Potential help for undocumented immigrant youth in North Carolina

A child who crosses the nation's borders without accompaniment from a foreign country often faces confusion and uncertainty regarding his or her new life in America. As many as 1,100 undocumented immigrant children are expected to arrive in a North Carolina county in 2015. Some espouse the opinion that they should be made to return to their homelands. Legal representatives in more than 50 cities, however, believe that the children deserve professional help in order to navigate immigration proceedings and seek legal status in the nation.

Fate of family-based visas uncertain

Families in North Carolina may be aware that two of President Obama's immigration initiatives are set to begin on Feb. 18. However, that start might be delayed depending on the decision facing a United States District Court judge. Both the fate of family-based visas and an impending shut down of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may initially rest with this one man.

Smoking and North Carolina workers' compensation

Most employers in the state are required to provide insurance that will protect employees from injury or illness suffered in the workplace by providing benefits to cover medical costs, loss of wages, in appropriate cases, disability expenses in the event a worker is injured on-the-job or becomes ill due to the work environment. North Carolina residents might take interest in a recent bill that is being considered in another state. The proposed legislation would ban smoking in the workplace. State-wide ordinances would be imposed upon all places of employment in an effort to cut down on alleged cases of deaths suffered from second-hand smoke exposure. Such legislation could have a potential effect on workers' compensation claims.

Recent report gives stats on North Carolina work-related injuries

A 2013 report suggested that on-the-job safety conditions have improved in the state and across the nation. The report attributes increased workers' safety in North Carolina and other areas to federal and state safety rules and requirements for workers' compensation. A more recent account of statistics, however, reports that the number of employees killed from work-related injuries and accidents doubled in the state in the past year.

Residents outside North Carolina attempt to avoid deportation

Laws affecting undocumented immigrants are a controversial topic of current events to say the least. More than 20 years ago, in a state far west of North Carolina, a 3-year-old girl was brought to America by a Mexican mother who claimed that she was attempting to flee an abusive relationship. Her story is not uncommon, and many find themselves crossing American borders in search of a better life and later attempting to find a way to avoid deportation.

Battles in North Carolina and other states argue immigration law

Disagreements over President Obama's recent immigration law changes resulted in a lawsuit being filed in a U.S. District Court by a representative of governors of 25-plus states. The main issue at hand concerns the changes President Obama has proposed. North Carolina is among the states involved in the dispute over the new immigration law.