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Woman files suit against CBS, others, for job-related accident

Many television viewers may have a notion that production work is a glamorous and exciting profession. However, for the many who are employed in this field, the work may feel like any other job, especially since the danger of suffering a job-related accident is just as high as other occupations. North Carolina viewers may be interested to learn more about a serious accident that occurred during the production of a short-lived television series.

A woman recently filed a lawsuit against the Columbia Broadcasting System, commonly referred to as CBS, along with two other companies. She maintains that faulty equipment at the studio led to her suffering a serious crush injury and near-amputation of her thumb. The woman was employed as a dolly grip on the set of the now-defunct drama series "Vegas" when the accident occurred.

She claims that a malfunction with the crane portion of the dolly grip led to the accident. She has filed the suit, naming the manufacturer of the equipment as well as the distribution company, for liability of the purportedly defective equipment. She is reportedly seeking compensation from the television company for the monetary damages she sustained in the wake of the accident.

This is reportedly the second time in the past several months that CBS has been sued over an accident. While North Carolina workers are not usually permitted to file a lawsuit against their employers in the aftermath of a job-related accident, there are sometimes extenuating circumstances that would permit such actions. Those employees who do suffer a job-related accident, however, will likely pursue benefits from the workers' compensation program. In addition, there are local resources who are skilled in assisting workers in filing qualifying claims in a successful and timely fashion.

Source:, "CBS Involved in Another Workplace Injury Lawsuit", Rebecca Grace, Dec. 29, 2014

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