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More information concerning the executive action and deportation

In late Nov. 2014, the president signed an executive order that effectively granted protection to millions of undocumented immigrants. This order is expected to shield many from the threat of deportation, even for those who have already received orders of removal from immigration officials. This order may now relieve the fears of many currently residing in North Carolina.

There are still those who are unclear as to who will be afforded this protection. The way the executive order is currently written, only those who have been in the country since Jan. 2010 and have a qualifying child will be covered. Furthermore, the individual must not have a criminal history of serious offenses, and he or she will be required to pay the application fee of approximately $460.

In addition, the protection is currently set to expire after three years. It is unclear whether those who qualify will be permitted to extend the protection beyond that time. It also does not provide an avenue for these individuals to become a legal resident. However, the order does purportedly help ensure that only those individuals who commit a serious crime will be subject to criminal proceedings, including eventual orders for removal.

The president -- with the assistance of his legal advisors -- issued this order with the stated intention of allowing families with either American or legal resident children to remain together without the fear of deportation. However, there are still millions of immigrants who fall outside of the parameters of this action. Those who are currently living here in North Carolina may benefit from seeking the assistance of local resources in order to determine what their current rights and protections may be in light of the recent changes.

Source:, "This year, millions will be free from worry of deportation as new immigration rules take effect", Brian Bennett, Jan. 1, 2015

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