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Many against bill concerning job-related accident or death

It's a fact that some jobs are more dangerous than others. Employees in North Carolina and beyond deserve the assurance that they will be compensated should they suffer injury in a job-related accident, and that family members will receive benefits should an accident lead to the death of a worker. However, such situations  are not always so cut and dry.

Recently, those who have survived injuries on the job and families of those who have died testified before the House Judiciary Committee. Reports indicate that those who spoke made it clear that they are not supportive of House Bill 2011. In their opinions, this legislature would grant further immunity to employers that are already far too protected when it comes to "making good" on benefits when an accident has occurred on the job and a worker has been injured or killed.

According to some, the wording of the legislation seems to require proof that an employer intended for an employee to be harmed in order to be held liable for an injury. The West Virginia Association for Justice claims that this would be a travesty when it comes to protecting the rights of employees involved in a major workplace disaster, such as the huge mining disaster that occurred in that state in 2010. The bill, which was scheduled to be debated Friday, would make lawsuits filed outside of workers' compensation benefits more difficult for workers to successfully navigate in court.

If a job-related accident occurs in North Carolina, and someone has been injured or killed, the process of gaining workers' compensation benefits to which an employee or surviving family member may be entitled, is often tedious and complicated. There are legal teams that specialize in workplace injuries that could most likely prove to be of assistance in such matters. Injured workers or family members of those who have been killed on the job have a right to seek legal consultation in order to better understand the options available to them.

Source:, "Public hearing looks at workplace safety bill", Whitney Burdette, Jan. 21, 2015

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