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Latest executive order could help stop immigration discrimination

The inability to find and secure a good job can be a difficult hurdle for some immigrants in North Carolina to leap over. However, President Obama's recent executive order could go a long way for helping to prevent immigration discrimination. According to this new order, immigrants without documentation can still remain in the country under certain circumstances.

Provided that a person is a relative -- a spouse, child, or parent -- of either a legal resident or a citizen, he or she won't have to leave just for lacking certain documents. As Congress has continued to drag its feet with much needed immigration reform, this order may help bridge the gap that a lack of reform has created. Those affected by the reform can now acquire work permits.

With a work permit, some individuals may now feel more confident seeking out more secure, legal jobs than they did previously. Additionally, the ability to get a work permit would then allow a person to receive a driver's license. Securing both a work permit and driver's license could effectively break down transportation barriers that may have previously prevented a person from getting to work. 

As immigration reform continues to languish in Congress, this order could improve the lives of immigrants all across the country. Although anti-discrimination laws already mandate that employers can't consider a person's immigration or citizen status when making decisions about whom to hire, immigration discrimination is still an ongoing problem in North Carolina. This executive order can add an additional layer of protection for undocumented workers who so desperately require protection from immigration discrimination.

Source:, "Congress and Obama's Executive Order: Allow Firms to Invite Guest Workers", Tracy C. Miller, Jan. 7, 2015

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