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Executive action, immigrants and long-term employment options

The recent executive order that offers deportation protection to millions of undocumented residents may have an unintended consequence for some job-seekers. One young man who benefited from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals expressed his concerns over his ability to obtain desired employment because of the limited nature of the permits. North Carolina immigrants may have similar concerns over how the recent announcement by the President will impact their lives.

The man, who is currently employed as a recruiter for a university, has aspirations for moving into the corporate world for his future career path. However, many corporations require information relating to long-term employment eligibility. These questions could pose an obstacle for immigrants who are on a deferred status, as the permit has a three-year expiration period.

While the permits have been described as renewable, it is not clear how many times they can be renewed. Additionally, many employers may not desire to invest time and resources into an applicant whose future employment status is possibly questionable. Conversely, it is unlawful for employers to discriminate against any applicant as long as he or she is lawfully eligible to obtain work.

For the more than five million immigrants who have been granted a stay in deportation proceedings, the immediate future has just opened up for them. As long as they are the parents of a qualifying child and pass the other requirements, they too will be granted the rights to obtain work and open bank accounts. While there may remain some issues that the government will have to address, the benefits to these people -- who no longer have to fear being separated from their families -- likely outweigh many of their concerns. North Carolina families that are unsure of how to proceed with the application process or that may have questions about employment issues can refer to experienced professionals who can provide additional support and information.

Source:, "Opportunities, challenges await immigrant parents eligible for Obama's deferred action", Lornet Turnbull, Dec. 17, 2014

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