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January 2015 Archives

OSHA cites company in work-related injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was recently called upon to investigate an accident that took place at a bottling plant. A temporary worker, in a state south of North Carolina, suffered work-related injuries that allegedly caused him to become permanently disabled. Reports state that the company was ultimately fined $84,000 for alleged safety breaches, which could possibly cause potential danger to workers.

Many against bill concerning job-related accident or death

It's a fact that some jobs are more dangerous than others. Employees in North Carolina and beyond deserve the assurance that they will be compensated should they suffer injury in a job-related accident, and that family members will receive benefits should an accident lead to the death of a worker. However, such situations  are not always so cut and dry.

Employers fire man after job-related accident

Much has been written and spoken about the topic of a positive attitude and how it affects one's recovery from illness or injury. Recently, a worker outside the state of North Carolina claimed that he was unjustly fired from his position after being severely injured in a job-related accident. Losing his place at work, he says, has left him feeling disappointed and betrayed which has affected his attitude during the recovery process.

North Carolina mother seeks workers' compensation and back wages

A recent online article stated that the mother is the primary breadwinner in more than 40 percent of American households with children. Many women find it challenging to attempt a balance between caring for their home and family and holding down a paying job outside the home. Under certain circumstances, such as during pregnancy, that challenge can become magnified, especially if a woman feels that she is being treated unfairly by an employer because of her state-in-life. One North Carolina mother experienced this and has since sought workers' compensation and back wages to which she believes she is entitled.

North Carolina counties differ in treatment of young immigrants

The Office of Refugee and Resettlement recently reported that in the last fiscal year, 57,496 children who had crossed American borders unaccompanied were released to sponsors throughout the nation. North Carolina was the residential location of 2,160 of those sponsoring the young immigrants. Durham has shown its avid support in the welcoming of migrant children.

Latest executive order could help stop immigration discrimination

The inability to find and secure a good job can be a difficult hurdle for some immigrants in North Carolina to leap over. However, President Obama's recent executive order could go a long way for helping to prevent immigration discrimination. According to this new order, immigrants without documentation can still remain in the country under certain circumstances.

Job-related accident kills Lowe's employee

The large home improvement stores may be a do-it-yourself person's favorite place to shop. However, because these stores are so large and carry such a wide variety of merchandise and tools, the employees may face a higher risk of suffering a serious job-related accident. Lowe's Home Improvement -- which has its headquarters in North Carolina -- recently lost a male employee in a terrible mishap.

Woman files suit against CBS, others, for job-related accident

Many television viewers may have a notion that production work is a glamorous and exciting profession. However, for the many who are employed in this field, the work may feel like any other job, especially since the danger of suffering a job-related accident is just as high as other occupations. North Carolina viewers may be interested to learn more about a serious accident that occurred during the production of a short-lived television series.

More information concerning the executive action and deportation

In late Nov. 2014, the president signed an executive order that effectively granted protection to millions of undocumented immigrants. This order is expected to shield many from the threat of deportation, even for those who have already received orders of removal from immigration officials. This order may now relieve the fears of many currently residing in North Carolina.

Even the smallest details can lead to work-related injuries

A recent review of injury reports for those employed in the construction industry revealed an interesting fact. While the industry itself contains multiple hazards, it is often the smaller details that can lead to work-related injuries. No matter how safety aware North Carolina workers are, sometimes the most mundane work can lead to an accident with serious consequences.

Executive action, immigrants and long-term employment options

The recent executive order that offers deportation protection to millions of undocumented residents may have an unintended consequence for some job-seekers. One young man who benefited from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals expressed his concerns over his ability to obtain desired employment because of the limited nature of the permits. North Carolina immigrants may have similar concerns over how the recent announcement by the President will impact their lives.