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Many Americans believe workers' compensation claims unwarranted

When one suffers a serious work-related injury or illness, the worry about lost wages likely adds to the pain of the physical injury. The majority of North Carolina employees who are unable to work while recovering are entitled to apply for benefits through the workers' compensation program. However, the program is not without its detractors, including approximately one-third of Americans.

Recently, Harris Poll conducted a survey concerning employees' opinions of the workers' compensation program. According to the poll, an overwhelming majority of the 2,000 people questioned believed that those who file a claim do so for legitimate reasons. However, responses recorded from employees between the ages of 18 and 34 indicated that they were more inclined to suspect that claims are filed by those who may not have a medical need to do so. In fact, they supposedly indicated that workers who file claims do so in an effort to avoid working.

The poll was commissioned on behalf of Summit Pharmacy, a provider of workers' compensation medications. The poll also revealed that slightly more than one-third of the respondents believed that obtaining needed pain medications through the program would be a difficult task. Another 34 percent also communicated the belief that the process of filing a claim is a difficult and demanding task in light of the multiple forms and requirements.

The president of the pharmacy behind the study stated that those who are injured on the job often face a daunting task when attempting to file a claim. Not only is the process frustrating to many, but he claimed that workers often deal with derision from other workers. North Carolina employees who suffer a disabling injury or illness while on the job are ensured of the right to obtain assistance from resources skilled in cutting through the bureaucracy surrounding the workers' compensation program in order to receive all of the benefits to which they are entitled.

Source:, "37% of Americans believe workers' comp claimants don't want to work", Dec. 3, 2014

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