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Man working on project at school suffers work-related injuries

Construction work of any type is often a hazardous undertaking. North Carolina residents who are employed in this field are likely aware of the risk of suffering work-related injuries. One of the worst fears may revolve around being buried alive, especially for those projects involving the placement of drainage piping. Recently, there was news of a serious accident involving a man working on a project for a school.

Emergency crews were called to the scene of the construction accident one recent Monday morning. A crew was engaged in widening a drainage area for a school. One man was in a trench that was approximately 6 feet in depth and 3 feet across. As he was working to extend the drainage piping, a 20-foot section of the walls of the trench collapsed on him. He was pinned on top of the drainage pipe by the weight of the earth.

With the assistance of his fellow workers, the man was able to dig himself free of the dirt. However, his injuries were such that he could not climb out of the ditch. Emergency workers arrived within minutes of the accident and were able to treat the man after ensuring the trench was stabilized.

The man was taken for treatment of his undisclosed injuries to a university hospital. It is unknown how serious his injuries are and how long he may be off work. Regardless, he will likely qualify for benefits under the workers' compensation program. The majority of North Carolina workers are also afforded the right to collect these benefits whenever they suffer work-related injuries. Furthermore, they are also ensured of the right to seek additional assistance when filing a claim in order to obtain the maximum benefits under the current provisions.

Source:, "Construction worker injured in trench collapse", Dec. 8, 2014

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