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December 2014 Archives

Employer accused of immigration discrimination settles claim

In 1952, the Immigration and Nationality Act became a part of this nation's code of law in an effort to bring more clarity to the issue of immigration. While the original piece of legislation has undergone several revisions, the Act is still in place and works to protect the rights of those seeking employment from immigration discrimination. Residents in North Carolina are also afforded protection under this section of laws.

Group struggles to obtain nonimmigrant visas

Thousands of visas are granted every year to a variety of people hoping to continue their career paths in this country. However, there is a segment of hopeful immigrants who struggle to obtain the specialized nonimmigrant visas that apply to them. This group seeks to pursue their artistic dreams in dance studios throughout the nation, possibly even here in North Carolina.

Chimney company fined after multiple work-related injuries

Manufacturing jobs come with a certain amount of risk of bodily harm. However, the majority of companies take great care to ensure that their employees do not fall victim to work-related injuries. However, one company was recently fined for not ensuring that certain safety protocols were in place. The business is not located in North Carolina, but the story may be interesting to residents who are involved in manufacturing.

Thousands of immigrants may be one mistake away from deportation

In November, the president signed an executive order that will purportedly allow millions of immigrants to remain here without fear of being detained by immigration officials. However, while it was stressed that only so-called criminals would face deportation, the definition of what crimes would qualify is reportedly not clearly defined. Even lawful permanent residents here in North Carolina may worry that their current status may not provide the legal protection they once expected.

Woman sentenced for defrauding U.S. citizen hopefuls

Those who dream of one day coming to the United States in hopes of a better life often find themselves victims of fraudulent schemes. There are many unscrupulous people who offer to assist hopeful immigrants or even promise to procure U.S. citizen papers for a price. North Carolina residents who have suffered from similar schemes may be interested in just such a story from another state.

Poll shows many support real change in U.S. immigration law

Last month, the president made the decision to sign an executive order that made more undocumented migrants eligible for permanent residence than ever before. This order affects immigrants living all across the United States, including those who are currently residing in North Carolina. While the order has its share of detractors, there are also many who support efforts to enact reforms to U.S. immigration law. A recent poll revealed that nearly half of those polled support the president's recent order.

Man working on project at school suffers work-related injuries

Construction work of any type is often a hazardous undertaking. North Carolina residents who are employed in this field are likely aware of the risk of suffering work-related injuries. One of the worst fears may revolve around being buried alive, especially for those projects involving the placement of drainage piping. Recently, there was news of a serious accident involving a man working on a project for a school.

Judge threatens sheriff in immigration discrimination case

There is one county out west that has drawn attention to itself by way of an outspoken sheriff who announced years ago that his department would take action against those individuals believed to be living in his county without the required documentation. That law enforcement official is currently in the midst of a class action civil rights case that alleges that the sheriff and his department engaged in immigration discrimination. Even though this case is not being heard in North Carolina, when settled, it could have an impact on the way law enforcement is carried out throughout the country.

Many Americans believe workers' compensation claims unwarranted

When one suffers a serious work-related injury or illness, the worry about lost wages likely adds to the pain of the physical injury. The majority of North Carolina employees who are unable to work while recovering are entitled to apply for benefits through the workers' compensation program. However, the program is not without its detractors, including approximately one-third of Americans.

OSHA investigating trench collapse in fatal job-related accident

One may not think that a plumbing and heating contractor could face a life-threatening incident in the normal course of the work day. However, when the job entails the laying of plumbing pipes and associated implements in recently dug trenches, the danger of a job-related accident is definitely present. Recently, one man was caught up in a tragic nightmare and, even though it did not play out in North Carolina, it could be a cautionary tale for contractors in the state.

A brief synopsis of the two categories of family-based visas

Family is often the defining element of one's life and, as such, those who have relatives living abroad may desire to have the family together in the United States. There are different categories of family-based visas, several of which are dictated by quotas. North Carolina residents who are seeking to bring loved ones to the country may gain an insight into the process by reading further.