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Undocumented college hopefuls long for immigration reform

Thousands of immigrant families come to America every year in order to pursue their dreams of better lives. Unfortunately, without meaningful immigration reform, many of those who desire a higher education are left without the resources they need. One state voted in an act, which has helped, but more significant reform is needed in order to ensure that residents in North Carolina and elsewhere are given an equal opportunity for success.

One college campus is making an attempt to improve the lives of undocumented students by providing a place for them to gather and learn more about the tools that are available to them. The new center, dubbed the DREAMers center, will purportedly provide these students with the information and guidance that they may need in order to successfully navigate the college system. According to program coordinators, there will be mentors and other advisors who will attempt to meet the specific needs of undocumented students.

According to recent studies, there are an estimated 65,000 undocumented students graduating from high schools around the country, but only a fraction of them go on to enroll in colleges. Many believe this low number is due to the lack of encouragement given to these students, as well as a lack of knowledge regarding the availability of financial aid and scholarships. The DREAMers Center hopes to change this.

Once the DREAMers center is operational, it is hoped that similar projects will be available throughout the nation, including in North Carolina. However, there needs to be a greater effort to encourage immigration reform. Until these individuals are seen as the contributing members of society that they long to be, it may continue to be difficult for undocumented students to get the assistance they need to be successful students. North Carolina residents who desire more information concerning the programs available to them may seek guidance from local resources who have knowledge of the current immigration system.

Source:, "Undocumented students' dreams and voices need to be heard", Melisa Fumbarg, Nov. 5, 2014

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