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November 2014 Archives

Researchers claim evidence of bias in approving an immigrant visa

The problems that exist within the immigration policies of this country have taken center stage following the influx of unaccompanied minors this past summer and the recent executive order. However, two researchers claim to have found yet another problem within the area of the approval process of immigrant visas. Some North Carolina residents may have experienced this possible bias themselves when applying for a green card.

New executive order does not grant lawful permanent residency

After the announcement of the new executive order regarding immigration, there has been much confusion regarding what it does exactly. One thing it does not do is grant lawful permanent residency to undocumented residents. However, it does provide some relief concerning the fear of imminent deportation. The order is meant to provide protection to families both here in North Carolina and elsewhere.

Many workers exposed to toxic fumes denied workers' compensation

Millions of workers strive to perform their duties with care and attention to detail.  It may also bring a measure of comfort to North Carolina workers to know that they will most likely be covered by workers' compensation if they become incapacitated by a work-related injury. Unfortunately, not every worker in the country is ensured of qualifying for these vital benefits.

What are some of Obama's plans for immigration reform?

It has been reported in the news for some time that President Obama says he plans to take executive action on immigration issues by the end of the year. While debates over immigration reform are nothing new, this call to action may have many immigrants wondering what changes are in store and how they may benefit. If an executive order is signed, the immigration changes made will likely benefit some immigrants across the nation, including those here in North Carolina. Others, however, may face additional concerns.

The good and the bad of a voluntary departure

Immigrants in North Carolina are often confronted with difficult legal decisions. This is particularly true for those who are facing deportation and removal proceedings. Those in this situation may feel they have few options available, but that simply isn't true. Help is available to fight against deportation or, if desired, apply for a voluntary departure.

Chinese immigrants have faced discrimination for decades

When one hears the term discrimination today, one may picture the buses used to transport the unaccompanied minor children who recently entered through the southern borders of this country. However, starting back in the 1800s, there has been documented evidence that one ethnic population of immigrants has faced extreme examples of discrimination. Today, many of these Chinese immigrants may call North Carolina home.

Undocumented college hopefuls long for immigration reform

Thousands of immigrant families come to America every year in order to pursue their dreams of better lives. Unfortunately, without meaningful immigration reform, many of those who desire a higher education are left without the resources they need. One state voted in an act, which has helped, but more significant reform is needed in order to ensure that residents in North Carolina and elsewhere are given an equal opportunity for success.

US citizen held 3 years awaiting deportation sues government

A man who is a naturalized citizen has filed a lawsuit after allegedly being held in an immigration detention center for more than three years. He was purportedly awaiting deportation in spite of his legal status as a U.S. citizen. According to recent statistics, this is not an uncommon occurrence, and many in North Carolina may have endured a similar scenario.

Poultry company cited for concealing work-related injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued citations and proposed fines for a chicken processing company that has plants in several locations, including North Carolina. The company, Wayne Farms, has been accused of attempting to discourage employees from seeking medical care for work-related injuries. The federal agency has proposed fines in the amount of $100,000 for the violations.

Mother's ordeal as undocumented immigrant ends in a U-visa

The purpose of a U-visa is to provide legal status to non-citizens who are victims of crimes and who agree to be witnesses for prosecutors or who help with investigations into criminal activities. One mother has been awarded a U-visa due to her experience as an undocumented immigrant woman forced to endure unnecessary hardships during and after labor. Although she did not suffer this abusive treatment in North Carolina, non-citizens there may be interested in her story.