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The steps and requirements for applying for a temporary visa

There are several reasons why a citizen of another country may desire to come to the U.S. on a limited basis. Many wish to apply for a temporary visa for business, a family visit, pleasure or possibly a combination of reasons. North Carolina residents may already be generally familiar with the process but are seeking current information for others.

While each embassy's policies may vary slightly, there are certain steps to be completed along the way. The first is to complete the appropriate visa application online, along with a downloaded photograph. Bring the printed confirmation page to the scheduled interview. Young children under the age of 13 and the elderly over the age of 80 do not usually need to be interviewed but be sure to confirm with the embassy or consulate. Also, at the time of the interview, the first fee will be collected with an approval fee to be paid at the time of issuance of the documents.

The applicant will also need certain documents at the time of the interview. These include a current passport, the completed application confirmation page, a photo -- if the uploaded one was unsuccessfully transmitted -- and receipt for required fees. The applicant may also be requested to show proof of ability to handle the cost of the trip, the purpose of the visa and proof that the person intends to return to the country of origin once the visa has expired.

Once the applicant completes the interview process, he or she will be informed as to whether an additional review will be required before final processing. It is important to remember that the interview itself does not infer that the application for the temporary visa has been approved. Residents of North Carolina who require further information concerning the process, or have questions concerning their own status, may benefit from seeking professional guidance. 

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