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Some lawmakers threaten to repeal Dream Act next year

For thousands of immigrant children, the dream of a college education and a brighter future may have pushed them to excel in their school work. However, many of these aspirations went unrealized when their lack of documentation meant that a college education was either too expensive or unattainable due to their immigration status. However, many states went on to pass a version of the DREAM Act that allowed students to qualify for in-state tuition rates if they met certain requirements. There may be families in North Carolina that have benefited from this legislation.

Now, however, a man running for the office of lieutenant governor publicly stated his intention to repeal the act in his state. He currently holds the seat of a U.S. senator and is seeking the next highest position in the state that he serves. His desire to do away with the immigrant-friendly law is in direct opposition to many in his own party, including the current governor who signed the bill into law. Moreover, the candidate running against him also believes in the benefits of the law.

Many of his fellow party members are in favor of the law and believe that changing it would harm the political party's support among Hispanic voters. Likewise, a majority of business leaders in Texas also back the law since a better educated populace means more qualified employees in the future. In spite of this man's proposal, it is unlikely that an attempt to repeal it would succeed.

The DREAM Act has been exactly that to thousands of immigrant children who benefited from it -- a dream. It made the opportunity to achieve a college education attainable for those who qualified for the in-state tuition rates. Residents living in North Carolina who have questions about the DREAM Act and whether they qualify for it may seek information about it or other issues regarding their immigration status from knowledgeable resources located throughout the state.

Source:, "Push to Repeal DREAM Act Could Face GOP Criticism", Alexa Ura, Sept. 22, 2014

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